So, I had a hard time creating a gift for this community because, well I’ve never contributed to a fandom in a significant way before. From analyzing my HIMYM tweets I know that like myself, HIMYM fans are very emotional and opinionated. So, I wanted to create a poll for fans of HIMYM to fill […]

In 2013, two major changes happened on HIMYM that had the potential to cause a major fan uproar if they were received negatively. The long awaited reveal of The Mother took place at the end of last season, and it was decided that the final season would all take place during Barney and Robin’s wedding […]

For this blog, we do not simply write, we immerse ourselves in our community and integrate useful tools which together make up a textual ecology. By noting what I did throughout composing my recent blog post, I can see how these tools have changed the way I create blog posts and even come up with […]

Back in October I wrote about How I Met Your Mother’s International Suit Up Day, a fan made holiday in favor of beloved suit upper Barney Stinson. Research for the post took me in several different directions which could not all be addressed in the “holiday” blog post. Although I had known previously about the […]

Coheed and Cambria is one of those bands that people have either heard of and love or have never heard of at all. I was fortunate enough in high school to have a friend that loved the band, and although I am not completely involved in this fandom I admire the creator and the longevity […]

Some people consider getting dressed up to be a chore or a pain, but not Barney Stinson from the comedy show How I Met Your Mother. If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother then you know that Barney Stinson aka Neil Patrick Harris is obsessed with wearing suits on any occasion (sleeping, bars, adventures, […]

…Until afterwards I have wanted to see Yellowcard since their album Ocean Avenue came out, so of course I was very excited to see them perform it acoustically at the TLA. But what I was not excited about was tweeting during the concert. I am new to Twitter, but it wasn’t just that, putting the […]