Jessica EvansJessica Evans
I am a D.I.Y crafter, mommy, and destroyer of house plants.I read good things, write bad things, and bake chocolate things that will make you fat. My primary joy in life, besides looking at pictures of cats wearing wigs on the Internet, is teaching high school creative writing and poetry. Teenagers are terrible and wonderful and I would have no idea what to do without them. If you care to read my boring educational or angsty feminist musings head over to my twitter @jessaetc.

Mike GoodmanMike Goodman
I’m a  renaissance-swordfighting enthusiast and I enjoy historical reenactments (where I focus my attention on studying Elizabethan culture, historical swordfighting, the London Masters of Defense). I’m an avid roleplaying gamer, have done some game design, and I write. I share my home with a wife who loves her garden, a kid who loves games, and a trio of mercenary cats. Find me on Twitter: @mikewgoodman.

Lora GriffinLora Griffin
Most days I enjoy my job as a high school English teacher. Other days I’d prefer to stick needles in my eyes. Since I have champagne tastes on a beer budget, I spend my weekends working in retail watching other people play dress-up. Then cleaning up after them. I have become addicted to YA literature and secretly, now not-so-secretly, hope to break into the genre á la J. K. Rowling. Recent addition to Twitter @loralgriffin

Joel LunettaJoel Lunetta
Ultimately my goal is to further work towards marriage ministry. Currently I am doing what I can for ministry purposes and enjoy remodeling rooms and giving them specific themes. Just finished turning my dining room into Alice in Wonderland and looking forward to more. I also enjoy body building and workout as regular as possible to maintain. You can only find me here or on Twitter @joellunetta.

Christina MaxwellChristina Maxwell
On days when I am not instructing, learning or working to pay off my student loans, I find some time to watch reality TV, listen to pop music and keep up with the celebrities I despise the most. What else is a girl to do? Twitter @CMaxwell_.

Wayne StainrookWayne Stainrook
I am a retired swimmer and mascot, active video gamer and reader. Searching for meaning in life now that Breaking Bad is over. My career goal is to write and/or edit for a technology or consumer electronics publication. I spend far too much time on Twitter @stainwaynerook.

Tom WinkelspechtTom Winkelspecht
I like talking about the stuff I’m interested in, and I’m interested in lots of things, not least feminism, diversity, and geek culture. I work with early elementary kids who think I’m 39, and for writing for electronic communities I’m studying bad b-movies and why we watch them. Twitter: @thisistomwink.

Stefanie ParkerStefanie Parker
I am super silly and random, why live life normal and boring?- I’m a snowboarder, gamer, writer, runner, student, teacher, and lover of taco bell. My goal is to eventually take the skills and knowledge from participating in online communities and apply them to advertising. I believe that the only way to effectively reach your audience is by truly understanding and experiencing things with them. I think that there is a lot of insight to be gained from social media and online communities in general. Follow me on Twitter  @Stefparker7.


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