September 26, 2013


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Image Source: #Instacurity Tumblr

#Instacurity is a project complete with Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram to help spread the “negative impact of social media obsessiveness” in a funny way. Check out the Ariana Grande parody, and the PSA spoof video to better understand #Instacurity.

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    “Instagram your meal and receive a free concussion.”

    My wife and I were at the British Chip Shop in Haddonfield for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I just HAD to take a picture of their sign. It was so quaint, and cute. While I was doing it, the waitress came by and waited patiently, so she didn’t walk through my shot. She gave us a look…not a bad one, or displeasing one, but a, “More damn hipsters taking pictures of our sign,” one.

    I feel like polite society is done with the novelty of photo-and-post. And soon, they’re going to rebel…

  2. That Ariana Grande/Mac Miller parody video was perfection. Although #Instacurity, to me, seems to be all in good fun, obsessions/constant use of social media/social networking and infusing it into everything little thing one does is not only an epidemic, but a problem for young adults (and older ones – I’m sure!). Definitely have to spread the word about this–delightfully informing.

    • I feel like it explains a lot about the younger generation’s activities on social media. I could relate slightly, I mean I enjoy when someone likes my posts and such, but I have seen people that clearly change their online persona just for the online attention it attracts.

  3. It’s actually very funny. I had my wedding recently and in several of the photos I got back from it show only one of my groomsmen texting, basically every chance he gets. No one else…..just him.

    • That’s crazy, I think I’m going to have a temporary ban at my wedding at least during the main pictures. That kind of stuff really annoys me, like if you are here to celebrate with me then actually “be here” kind of thing.


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