Some people consider getting dressed up to be a chore or a pain, but not Barney Stinson from the comedy show How I Met Your Mother. If you’ve seen How I Met Your Mother then you know that Barney Stinson aka Neil Patrick Harris is obsessed with wearing suits on any occasion (sleeping, bars, adventures, etc).

Suit Up

This fan video gives a good idea of how often “suit up” is used in the show if you’re not familiar. “Suit up” is such a common phrase/joke in the show that fans have jumped in on the action and created a holiday surrounding the idea.

Today is the 5th Annual fan holiday known as International Suit Up Day and fans of HIMYM are donning their suits and sharing with the world via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As you can see, there are two popular hashtags: #suitupday and #internationalsuitupday along with the normal hashtag #HIMYM.

One Australian company Wacky Wednesdays took things a step further by creating a complete website dedicated to the holiday including a countdown, ways to participate, and their company site which sells suitjamas which are specially designed by fans for fans that wish to experience the infamous suit pajamas of Barney Stinson for this special occasion.

After a fun day of suiting up, fans are invited via Facebook to watch a Suit Up Day marathon on WGN America, and many fans have had their own suit up pics featured on the site as “Suit up of the Day” during the days leading up to International Suit Up Day. In addition to this, fans are encouraged to post their photos for a chance to be featured on the air during the marathon. All in all this is a fun holiday created by the HIMYM fan community that anyone can participate in (even just by going to church on this beautiful Sunday). So get up, Suit Up, and make Barney Stinson proud!

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  1. After all of these years watching HIMYM, I never knew the fans hosted this “International Suit Up Day” in honor of Barney’s attire. I think it’s such a clever idea, I’m wondering why I didn’t happen upon it earlier! I really like how the fans are having fun and embracing this, too. Sometimes, as we’ve read in Textual Poachers, fans are the most critical audience when it comes to their favorite television shows. Instead of rolling their eyes and going “Oh no, not another mention of Barney’s suits-AGAIN,” they’re dressing up along with him. Very cool.

    I love the suitjama, too. I think sold the ‘official’ gray silk jamas a few years ago.

    On another mention, one of my favorite HIMYM episodes is the 100th episode (5×12) when the cast performed the musical number and all they all dressed up in the suits. If I’m not mistaken, I think NPH performed the song. That was a classic episode. I’m really going to miss this show!

    • I know! I had no idea how big this was until I looked into it, but it’s not surprising. HIMYM fans seem to love everything Barney Stinson (myself included). The fact that “No Bra Day” happened to be the same day was just a hysterical coincidence. I wanted to include that suit musical number but HIMYM didn’t have an official recording and I didn’t want to link to a copied version.

  2. I love how TV influences men’s fashion. Mad Men inspired some old-school style. I think we can successfully credit Doctor Who for bringing back the bow-tie (“Bow-ties are cool.”):

  3. […] in October I wrote about How I Met Your Mother’s International Suit Up Day, a fan made holiday in favor of beloved suit upper Barney Stinson. Research for the post took me in […]


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