Above: Kerry Washington on the cover of PEOPLE (Source: EOnline) Ever since news broke about Scandal star Kerry Washington’s real-life pregnancy, first reported by US Weekly in October, Gladiators have been wondering if the show would incorporate the Emmy nominated actress’s current status into the third season’s story arc. @shondarhimes just write in a #Olitz […]

While Scandal is the most-talked about show on social media now and finds solid success on Thursday nights (mind you, a Thursday network landscape that includes shows that feature Robin Williams, Will Arnett, Michael J. Fox, and oh yeah, can’t forget that The Big Bang Theory), creator and writer Shonda Rhimes recently sat down with […]

Breaking Bad Fan-Made Comics Though Breaking Bad is a serious TV drama, the Internet has found a way to take the events and quotes from the show and put a comedic spin on them. These crudely-drawn four-panel comics can be found on sites like Reddit and Tumblr, and, to fans of the show like me, […]