Born out of the Industrial Revolution, the American educational system has been pumping kids out into the world who are specialized in one specific task. For decades it has been the same: the teacher in the front of the room disseminating knowledge, the students in rows sucking in that knowledge like little sponges, homework given, […]

(From Neither do we. News of Facebook’s decline doesn’t really register on our radar these days, but from my standpoint, I’ve been eager to learn the reasons why the social networking service seems to be turning off teens, young adults and many others. Perhaps it’s the feeling of personal inadequacy once we finish looking […]

…Until afterwards I have wanted to see Yellowcard since their album Ocean Avenue came out, so of course I was very excited to see them perform it acoustically at the TLA. But what I was not excited about was tweeting during the concert. I am new to Twitter, but it wasn’t just that, putting the […]