If you haven’t composed a blog post, you might not know about all of the hard work that goes into publishing to the web. If you do, you will understand my following presentation, which, thanks to the help of my textual ecology spaces such as Twitter, Pocket and Feedly, shows how I essentially found out […]

In light of my semester long research project studying the Gladiators fan community on Twitter, I would like to present or perhaps contribute something useful to those that have been keeping up with the work I’ve done thus far. One of the most talked about recent events in the Scandal fan community is the controversy […]

Above: Kerry Washington on the cover of PEOPLE (Source: EOnline) Ever since news broke about Scandal star Kerry Washington’s real-life pregnancy, first reported by US Weekly in October, Gladiators have been wondering if the show would incorporate the Emmy nominated actress’s current status into the third season’s story arc. @shondarhimes just write in a #Olitz […]

While Scandal is the most-talked about show on social media now and finds solid success on Thursday nights (mind you, a Thursday network landscape that includes shows that feature Robin Williams, Will Arnett, Michael J. Fox, and oh yeah, can’t forget that The Big Bang Theory), creator and writer Shonda Rhimes recently sat down with […]

Sounds like it was ripped right from an episode of Scandal: reports surfaced yesterday that a high-level ABC Network executive may have been behind a controversial Scandal-fan blog titled Scandal 411. The blog, along with its Twitter handle @Scandal411 (which has since been deleted), achieved nearly 25,000 followers on Twitter, but oftentimes found itself in […]

As stated in Henry Jenkins’ Textual Poachers, one way fans can make personal meanings of whatever text they desire is to just not to ‘reread’ or ‘rewatch,’ but to ‘rewrite’ and “sustain [an] emotional experience” with that particular text. I believe in many ways, the idea of shipping relationships is a way fans make a […]