When I was younger, I got caught watching Master of the Flying Guillotine, mid-mystic arm-stretch attack. “What the hell kind of crap is this,” my dad asked me. “Why don’t you watch something worth seeing?” “It’s just a dumb movie,” I quickly covered. “I’m just watching to laugh at it.” I had, of course, been […]

From the infamous MTV Video Music (insert joke about the last year the network played a music video) Award performance to her much talked about Rolling Stone cover to her mild, semi-funny appearance on Saturday Night Live that gave the show their highest ratings in 6 months in the 18-49 demographic, and it’s almost impossible […]

Source: Wikipedia Even if you don’t play video games, I’m sure that, by this point, you’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto. I wouldn’t be surprised if the teachers in this course have heard their students abuzz about the latest entry in the series, GTAV, which released Tuesday. Though it’s only been on the market for […]