Sounds like it was ripped right from an episode of Scandal: reports surfaced yesterday that a high-level ABC Network executive may have been behind a controversial Scandal-fan blog titled Scandal 411. The blog, along with its Twitter handle @Scandal411 (which has since been deleted), achieved nearly 25,000 followers on Twitter, but oftentimes found itself in […]

As stated in Henry Jenkins’ Textual Poachers, one way fans can make personal meanings of whatever text they desire is to just not to ‘reread’ or ‘rewatch,’ but to ‘rewrite’ and “sustain [an] emotional experience” with that particular text. I believe in many ways, the idea of shipping relationships is a way fans make a […]

When I was younger, I got caught watching Master of the Flying Guillotine, mid-mystic arm-stretch attack. “What the hell kind of crap is this,” my dad asked me. “Why don’t you watch something worth seeing?” “It’s just a dumb movie,” I quickly covered. “I’m just watching to laugh at it.” I had, of course, been […]

From the infamous MTV Video Music (insert joke about the last year the network played a music video) Award performance to her much talked about Rolling Stone cover to her mild, semi-funny appearance on Saturday Night Live that gave the show their highest ratings in 6 months in the 18-49 demographic, and it’s almost impossible […]

Born out of the Industrial Revolution, the American educational system has been pumping kids out into the world who are specialized in one specific task. For decades it has been the same: the teacher in the front of the room disseminating knowledge, the students in rows sucking in that knowledge like little sponges, homework given, […]

(From Neither do we. News of Facebook’s decline doesn’t really register on our radar these days, but from my standpoint, I’ve been eager to learn the reasons why the social networking service seems to be turning off teens, young adults and many others. Perhaps it’s the feeling of personal inadequacy once we finish looking […]

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” could be the first internet-generated holiday (could Joss Whedon’s birthday be far behind?).  Originated as an inside joke between a couple of friends, and popularized by Dave Barry, September 19 is a day to answer your friends with an, “Arrr, matey!” or to announce your intention to run out the […]