The relationship between fans and the object of the affection hasn’t always been the easiest. Just ask Mark Waid. Fan created content has always been a touchy topic, and perceptions run the gamut of responses, hostile to accepting, which I informally call the Lucas-Rowling scale (Lucas generally responding poorly, and Rowling historically giving her blessing […]

When I was younger, I got caught watching Master of the Flying Guillotine, mid-mystic arm-stretch attack. “What the hell kind of crap is this,” my dad asked me. “Why don’t you watch something worth seeing?” “It’s just a dumb movie,” I quickly covered. “I’m just watching to laugh at it.” I had, of course, been […]

Breaking Bad Fan-Made Comics Though Breaking Bad is a serious TV drama, the Internet has found a way to take the events and quotes from the show and put a comedic spin on them. These crudely-drawn four-panel comics can be found on sites like Reddit and Tumblr, and, to fans of the show like me, […]