Back in October I wrote about How I Met Your Mother’s International Suit Up Day, a fan made holiday in favor of beloved suit upper Barney Stinson. Research for the post took me in several different directions which could not all be addressed in the “holiday” blog post. Although I had known previously about the […]

This week Facebook changed its privacy settings to allow users ages 13-17 to post publically. Now when a child posts something, there is no warning that the information is going to be seen by a wide audience. Also, the previous setting which allowed only a specific amount of content post by 13-to-17-year-olds to be searchable […]

(From Neither do we. News of Facebook’s decline doesn’t really register on our radar these days, but from my standpoint, I’ve been eager to learn the reasons why the social networking service seems to be turning off teens, young adults and many others. Perhaps it’s the feeling of personal inadequacy once we finish looking […]

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake in yet another hilarious video. Here they demonstrate what a conversation might sound like if we start speaking the way we tweet, post, and gram (?). What is the verb for using Instagram?