The relationship between fans and the object of the affection hasn’t always been the easiest. Just ask Mark Waid. Fan created content has always been a touchy topic, and perceptions run the gamut of responses, hostile to accepting, which I informally call the Lucas-Rowling scale (Lucas generally responding poorly, and Rowling historically giving her blessing […]

Well…go on, then. What is riffing? What makes it so popular? Why do we think we improve a movie by adding our own glib comments? What accounts for the ability of a show that riffs bad movies to last ten seasons, put out a full length movie of its own? How can we explain people […]

When I was younger, I got caught watching Master of the Flying Guillotine, mid-mystic arm-stretch attack. “What the hell kind of crap is this,” my dad asked me. “Why don’t you watch something worth seeing?” “It’s just a dumb movie,” I quickly covered. “I’m just watching to laugh at it.” I had, of course, been […]

“That movie sucked in the most delightful way”-#driveinmob hashtag user @joelrwilliams1 Now, no matter what Tommy Wiseau says, The Room was never supposed to be intentionally bad. As mentioned earlier, the production values (or lack thereof) of the cult movies are a major talking point among the fans. When you are a lover of cult […]