Most people remember that great scene in Office Space when Peter, Micheal, and Samir take their malfunctioning fax machine out to a deserted field and absolutely destroy it. With bats in hand and a gangster rap song playing in the background, they acted out our modern frustration with technology and we loved every second. I […]

this is a live retake of the 1977 movie Planet of the Dinosaurs. I have no claim on the film and I am not trying to make any money. I’m just trying to be funny. Blento, 170 miles from Earth. The search for locations for fast food franchises continues. The ship Odessa tries to sneak […]

In my podcast interview with David Graham, we discussed the rise of livestreaming in the video game community over the past five years or so, and the prevalence that the technology has achieved today (here, you can watch two Polygon editors argue why livestreaming will only continue to rise in popularity in the coming years). […]

For my gift to the drive-in mob community, I had originally planned on creating a dramatically altered audio track for a late 1970s sci-fi movie. This fell through for a variety of reasons. So I returned to a thought I’ve had since first coming across the drive-in mob website-the lack of an official Wikipedia entry. […]

Well, the semester is coming to an end, and my time with #ACNL is almost done. To give something back to the community, I thought I might create a QR code for others to scan, but then I realized I’m no artist. So, because we’ve learned about fanfiction and its purposes and implications, I thought […]

In light of my semester long research project studying the Gladiators fan community on Twitter, I would like to present or perhaps contribute something useful to those that have been keeping up with the work I’ve done thus far. One of the most talked about recent events in the Scandal fan community is the controversy […]

There are many companies that really do not have good communication skills. Sometimes it is within the company, but other times it is between them and their customers. A few months ago, I began research on MusclePharm’s Arnold Series brand line. My original goal was to see if people on twitter using the hashtag arnoldseries […]