In my podcast interview with David Graham, we discussed the rise of livestreaming in the video game community over the past five years or so, and the prevalence that the technology has achieved today (here, you can watch two Polygon editors argue why livestreaming will only continue to rise in popularity in the coming years). […]

The Legend of Zelda video games certainly have an extraordinary fanbase, and for good reason. Heralded by fans and gaming publications alike as the greatest video game series ever, gamers have been traversing the verdant plains and vast deserts of Hyrule with Link for over 25 years. Having read about filking in Henry Jenkins’s “Textual […]

I’m the kind of gamer who grew up with single-player experiences. Whether I was exploring the vast hills of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda or traveling through caves in Final Fantasy, my gaming time consisted of solitary experiences. When I got to high school, the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 came around, the […]

Source: Wikipedia Even if you don’t play video games, I’m sure that, by this point, you’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto. I wouldn’t be surprised if the teachers in this course have heard their students abuzz about the latest entry in the series, GTAV, which released Tuesday. Though it’s only been on the market for […]