As I move towards the end of my study of the #drivein mob, I have begun to take the data complied and aggregating it. Using an approach called grounded theory-letting the data inform the results instead of attempting to approach the study hoping to prove/disprove any theory, I divided the twitter activity of the hashtag […]

For the last couple of months, I’ve watched Twitter activity for the use of #DnD. I wanted to see how the gaming community, particularly fans of Dungeons and Dragons, used Twitter. Is there an active community of D&D players on Twitter, and if so, how is the community functioning?  I was curious, because for the […]

Ok, fellow movie fans! We’re closing in on the end of the semester, and I just wanted to do a little fill-in on where I was. Right, so: Currently, I’m in the panicky final quarter of the marking period. I’ve been re-reading theory, reexamining texts, building ideas and than demolishing them in order to have […]