Greetings, Rummagers (Rummage Thissers?)! We’re back with another podcast, and this time we have Susan Arendt, managing editor of Joystiq, joining us to discuss the challenges of video games news coverage, what makes for a good panel at fan conventions and, of course, Animal Crossing: New Leaf! Also, stick around until the end for some […]

In this week’s podcast we talk to Megan Gotch, adorable writer of Nerdy Girlie, a blog that focuses on all things “nerdy and girlie”. She is an avid convention goer and fan girl who talks about her experiences with cosplay and participating on panels that discussed topics relating on stereotypes and sexism. In the podacast […]

In episode 2 of our podcast, we talk to David “UltraDavid” Graham, an attorney with a concentration in media law and lifelong video game fan. We discuss his role as an on-air commentator for competitive fighting video game tournaments and copyright law. You can learn more about David’s practice at and check out his work […]

Hello, Internet! I’m incredibly happy to bring you the first edition of the Rummage This podcast, where I talk with games writer Maddy Myers about everything from commenting culture to feminism in games. Maddy is a writer for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni blog Slice of MIT and a games reviewer for Paste Magazine. […]