In 2013, two major changes happened on HIMYM that had the potential to cause a major fan uproar if they were received negatively. The long awaited reveal of The Mother took place at the end of last season, and it was decided that the final season would all take place during Barney and Robin’s wedding […]

There is something I have to admit…and no, it is not fun admitting it. I have claimed to be a fan to numerous things that I truly did not know about. In every description of fandom I am reminded of how I pretty much am a limited fan. Before you go off judging my thoughts, […]

If you haven’t composed a blog post, you might not know about all of the hard work that goes into publishing to the web. If you do, you will understand my following presentation, which, thanks to the help of my textual ecology spaces such as Twitter, Pocket and Feedly, shows how I essentially found out […]

Most people remember that great scene in Office Space when Peter, Micheal, and Samir take their malfunctioning fax machine out to a deserted field and absolutely destroy it. With bats in hand and a gangster rap song playing in the background, they acted out our modern frustration with technology and we loved every second. I […]

In light of my semester long research project studying the Gladiators fan community on Twitter, I would like to present or perhaps contribute something useful to those that have been keeping up with the work I’ve done thus far. One of the most talked about recent events in the Scandal fan community is the controversy […]

Here is some rejected material from my movie script. Let’s put dinosaurs in the opening credits. Just to make sure people know there’s gonna be dinosaurs. Giant spiders are dinosaurs, too. better go catch it. Anyway we can abandon ship for the movie? No? In the future, no one will remember how to swim. Boy, […]

Ogre is a board-game about high-tech warfare in the future. It was originally produced in 1977, and was the first game Steve Jackson designed. I played this game back in the early 80’s, when it came in a tiny plastic box (smaller than a VHS video tape). The new edition comes in at 28 pounds, […]