More thoughts on The Hobbit! Yes, I know how valuable you all think they are! 🙂 Yesterday I was watching tv with my family and the trailer for Desolation of Smaug came on (the one I don’t like). I watched it and something I forgot I disliked about the first movie came back to me. […]

In eighth grade, I braved eternal damnation and the rather larger danger of Sister Sylvia’s wrath and stole from my school’s library. By eighth grade, I had read the book many times, I loved it and knew I would always love it. Now, I’ll never have enough Tolkien knowledge to rank among the top […]

When I was younger, I got caught watching Master of the Flying Guillotine, mid-mystic arm-stretch attack. “What the hell kind of crap is this,” my dad asked me. “Why don’t you watch something worth seeing?” “It’s just a dumb movie,” I quickly covered. “I’m just watching to laugh at it.” I had, of course, been […]

There I was, standing on the lower platform of the Javits Center, looking out into the crowd of thousands, packing themselves into the 2013 New York Comic Con. Directly in front of me were two double-sided escalators jammed with bodies – young and old- all anxious to buy, see, and commune. Over the horizon line […]

Born out of the Industrial Revolution, the American educational system has been pumping kids out into the world who are specialized in one specific task. For decades it has been the same: the teacher in the front of the room disseminating knowledge, the students in rows sucking in that knowledge like little sponges, homework given, […]