There is something I have to admit…and no, it is not fun admitting it. I have claimed to be a fan to numerous things that I truly did not know about. In every description of fandom I am reminded of how I pretty much am a limited fan. Before you go off judging my thoughts, […]

Have you ever felt that you wake up from a good nights rest and you just don’t feel 100%? Or after not keeping track of what you are eating for a while you being to slow down? For a long while I was wondering what on earth I had been doing wrong. Each day I would go […]

Do we know what we eat? Aside from the name and essentially what it is supposed to be, do we fully understand what we are eating? Do we recognize every item that is posted on the label? Or how about the “other ingredients” that aren’t listed by amount. Hydrogenated Oils, “enriched” grain or wheat, msg, […]