For the last couple of months, I’ve watched Twitter activity for the use of #DnD. I wanted to see how the gaming community, particularly fans of Dungeons and Dragons, used Twitter. Is there an active community of D&D players on Twitter, and if so, how is the community functioning?  I was curious, because for the […]

Ogre is a board-game about high-tech warfare in the future. It was originally produced in 1977, and was the first game Steve Jackson designed. I played this game back in the early 80’s, when it came in a tiny plastic box (smaller than a VHS video tape). The new edition comes in at 28 pounds, […]

The Legend of Zelda video games certainly have an extraordinary fanbase, and for good reason. Heralded by fans and gaming publications alike as the greatest video game series ever, gamers have been traversing the verdant plains and vast deserts of Hyrule with Link for over 25 years. Having read about filking in Henry Jenkins’s “Textual […]

The tabletop role playing game hobby draws fans from across fantasy, science fiction, pulp adventure, horror, and other types of speculative fiction. In these games, one player takes the role of a “game master” (alternately called a “dungeon master” or “referee” in some games) to adjucate rules, create a setting and narrate the world in […]