So, I had a hard time creating a gift for this community because, well I’ve never contributed to a fandom in a significant way before. From analyzing my HIMYM tweets I know that like myself, HIMYM fans are very emotional and opinionated. So, I wanted to create a poll for fans of HIMYM to fill […]

Back in October I wrote about How I Met Your Mother’s International Suit Up Day, a fan made holiday in favor of beloved suit upper Barney Stinson. Research for the post took me in several different directions which could not all be addressed in the “holiday” blog post. Although I had known previously about the […]

There is something I have to admit…and no, it is not fun admitting it. I have claimed to be a fan to numerous things that I truly did not know about. In every description of fandom I am reminded of how I pretty much am a limited fan. Before you go off judging my thoughts, […]

For my gift to the drive-in mob community, I had originally planned on creating a dramatically altered audio track for a late 1970s sci-fi movie. This fell through for a variety of reasons. So I returned to a thought I’ve had since first coming across the drive-in mob website-the lack of an official Wikipedia entry. […]

In light of my semester long research project studying the Gladiators fan community on Twitter, I would like to present or perhaps contribute something useful to those that have been keeping up with the work I’ve done thus far. One of the most talked about recent events in the Scandal fan community is the controversy […]

Above: Kerry Washington on the cover of PEOPLE (Source: EOnline) Ever since news broke about Scandal star Kerry Washington’s real-life pregnancy, first reported by US Weekly in October, Gladiators have been wondering if the show would incorporate the Emmy nominated actress’s current status into the third season’s story arc. @shondarhimes just write in a #Olitz […]

Here is some rejected material from my movie script. Let’s put dinosaurs in the opening credits. Just to make sure people know there’s gonna be dinosaurs. Giant spiders are dinosaurs, too. better go catch it. Anyway we can abandon ship for the movie? No? In the future, no one will remember how to swim. Boy, […]