When you look at the end result of using both tags and hashtags, you see similarities.  You see a collection of postings organized and characterized by subject.  What organizes and characterizes those items works differently for different platforms.  I wonder if the process of categorizing posts reflects on how we look at communication in relation […]

Ok, fellow movie fans! We’re closing in on the end of the semester, and I just wanted to do a little fill-in on where I was. Right, so: Currently, I’m in the panicky final quarter of the marking period. I’ve been re-reading theory, reexamining texts, building ideas and than demolishing them in order to have […]

Born out of the Industrial Revolution, the American educational system has been pumping kids out into the world who are specialized in one specific task. For decades it has been the same: the teacher in the front of the room disseminating knowledge, the students in rows sucking in that knowledge like little sponges, homework given, […]