this is a live retake of the 1977 movie Planet of the Dinosaurs. I have no claim on the film and I am not trying to make any money. I’m just trying to be funny. Blento, 170 miles from Earth. The search for locations for fast food franchises continues. The ship Odessa tries to sneak […]

For my gift to the drive-in mob community, I had originally planned on creating a dramatically altered audio track for a late 1970s sci-fi movie. This fell through for a variety of reasons. So I returned to a thought I’ve had since first coming across the drive-in mob website-the lack of an official Wikipedia entry. […]

Over the course of the semester, I have tried to understand how the internet aided in the construction of fan communities. The assignment brought forth a dizzying amount of raw data and a dizzying variety of ways to annotate it, and theories to apply towards it. Quickly, it all became a microcosm of the information […]

Here is some rejected material from my movie script. Let’s put dinosaurs in the opening credits. Just to make sure people know there’s gonna be dinosaurs. Giant spiders are dinosaurs, too. better go catch it. Anyway we can abandon ship for the movie? No? In the future, no one will remember how to swim. Boy, […]

As I move towards the end of my study of the #drivein mob, I have begun to take the data complied and aggregating it. Using an approach called grounded theory-letting the data inform the results instead of attempting to approach the study hoping to prove/disprove any theory, I divided the twitter activity of the hashtag […]

More thoughts on The Hobbit! Yes, I know how valuable you all think they are! 🙂 Yesterday I was watching tv with my family and the trailer for Desolation of Smaug came on (the one I don’t like). I watched it and something I forgot I disliked about the first movie came back to me. […]

In eighth grade, I braved eternal damnation and the rather larger danger of Sister Sylvia’s wrath and stole from my school’s library. By eighth grade, I had read the book many times, I loved it and knew I would always love it. Now, I’ll never have enough Tolkien knowledge to rank among the top […]