Over the last few months, I’ve watched how the #DnD tag was used on Twitter, and how gamers used the platform. I’d like to give something back to the community. So, here’s a dungeon I drew up. Feel free to take it, populate it, key it up, and share with your friends and your local […]

In October, two incidents happened a short time apart…close enough for me to take their happenings as providential: Monte Cook released a limited license for his hit game release, Numenera, and our class was assigned to watch Lawrence Lessig’s TED talk about copyright. I had an interest in Monte Cook’s new policy; it affected me […]

When you look at the end result of using both tags and hashtags, you see similarities.  You see a collection of postings organized and characterized by subject.  What organizes and characterizes those items works differently for different platforms.  I wonder if the process of categorizing posts reflects on how we look at communication in relation […]

For the last couple of months, I’ve watched Twitter activity for the use of #DnD. I wanted to see how the gaming community, particularly fans of Dungeons and Dragons, used Twitter. Is there an active community of D&D players on Twitter, and if so, how is the community functioning?  I was curious, because for the […]

Ogre is a board-game about high-tech warfare in the future. It was originally produced in 1977, and was the first game Steve Jackson designed. I played this game back in the early 80’s, when it came in a tiny plastic box (smaller than a VHS video tape). The new edition comes in at 28 pounds, […]

In an idealized version of the capitalist system, a producer creates and distributes a product. The consumer then makes it possible for the producer to continue to make product. When we talk about fandom, sometimes we talk about how the observer takes ownership of the text, and as a result, no longer becomes a passive […]

I can’t remember the first time I heard a Lou Reed song, but I know I was young. I have a vague recollection of my parents’ living room, and my brother playing Transformer on the huge record player. I want to say I remember him singing along to “Walk on the Wild Side.” I might […]