A New Way to Remember a Legacy

A New Way to Remember a Legacy

The hashtag that I will be studying and archiving is #ArnoldSeries. This hashtag has great interest to me because I am not only a fan of Arnold Swartzenegger, but I also enjoying working out. The Arnold Series is a line of supplements from the brand MusclePharm specifically for Arnold fans. I learned a great deal about Arnold’s past and how he won “Mr. Olympia” seven times in a row. He had to choose to retire so that someone else might win.

I am a huge fan of Arnold and followed the release of this product even before this project began. When I looked for hashtags of subjects I might enjoy following I realized that this may be a great choice for me. I enjoy every detail with this hashtag, including working out, Arnold Swartzenegger, his fandom, and excercise supplements. This product not only stands for Arnold and what his past was, it stands for what he is bringing back. He is not only back in movies, but back into physical fitness. After years of being Governor, he packed on a great deal of weight and is now getting back into supreme physical shape.

There are a lot of communities that go along with this hashtag. @musclepharm, #mpnation, and @bodybuilding.com are a few communities that are found within the system. They are constantly having sweepstakes for the products to help advertising. Quite often there are people using the products with their workouts posting about the benefit the supplements give. Within a few minutes of watching the tweets go on the hashtag I noticed a few saying comments that showed they were pleased with the product. This goes along with the fact that people are tweeting daily about the product and how either advertising is going or how the product is working. The most impressive detail with it is how Arnold, himself, is going to places such as Muscle Beach, CA, to show it off.


I am new to Twitter, so I am not entirely used to following a hashtag or set of tweets. This is something that interests me and I would love to venture into the different communities that are tweeting and communicating about the product. As a fan, I would love to see where this product is being taken. As a poor fan, I would love to research how effective it is and if the product itself is worth it, or if the fandom alone is what helps it sell. I will be following this with my twitter account, @joellunetta.


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