Hello, Internet.

This page is dedicated to Rowan University graduate student Wayne Stainrook’s (that’s me) study into the #ACNL hashtag, the hashtag for the Nintendo 3DS game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I purchased the game a few months ago after seeing all the praise it received on Twitter, and I’ve been hooked ever since. For the uninitiated, Animal Crossing is a life simulation game about living in a twee town with friendly animal neighbors. Thanks to the game’s dearth of customization options, many users of the #ACNL hashtag share their photos of and experiences playing the game, adding a whole new dimension to the game itself. Because the game has been in people’s hands for some months now, and because the in-game seasons are changing just like IRL, I’m interested in seeing just how far players have developed their towns and how they interact with the seasonal changes in the game.

I’ll be using Martin Hawksey’s TAGS 5.0 archiving software to corral tweets for this project to analyze them in Grounded Theory, culminating in a Pecha Kucha presenation and blog post about my findings.

At the moment, I’m awaiting approval of my research topic, but you can find me on Twitter @stainwaynerook.


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