December 13, 2013

My Gift

For my gift to the drive-in mob community, I had originally planned on creating a dramatically altered audio track for a late 1970s sci-fi movie.

This fell through for a variety of reasons. So I returned to a thought I’ve had since first coming across the drive-in mob website-the lack of an official Wikipedia entry.
I decided to create one for them myself. Composing for Wikipedia was an interesting experience.I had to really work the balance between comprehensive and easily understandable.

After I finished it (the first draft, anyway) I tweeted the article to the community.

I got some great and immediate feedback. The moderator of the hashtag, @driveinmob, who I mentioned in my original tweet, had some very nice things to say about it. He also retweeted it to the community. From there, another community member retweeted the tweet with the link.

I hope that the article is approved for publishing on Wikipedia soon (there is a moderation period), and that drive-in mob community members feel free to refine and expand on my article.

Written with StackEdit.


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