Well, the semester is coming to an end, and my time with #ACNL is almost done.

To give something back to the community, I thought I might create a QR code for others to scan, but then I realized I’m no artist. So, because we’ve learned about fanfiction and its purposes and implications, I thought I might have a go at that.

When I began writing this piece (Which I’ve given a tongue-in-cheek name “Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Origins”), my mind wouldn’t leave one aspect of the game narrative alone. The game begins with the player on the train traveling to their new town, but gives no background beyond that. Once you move in, you get letters from your mom, who the player never meets over the course of the game. You can write her back and send her gifts, but that’s the extent of the relationship.

So, I wondered, why would the villager leave his mother to move to this town populated by animals? In my story, I create some semi-serious, campy drama between the two so that we can (or, perhaps, so I can?) get a better sense of their personalities and dynamics. For my first time writing fanfiction, I must say I rather enjoyed it, and I have a newfound respect for those who are imaginative enough to create new scenarios for characters within already established narratives.

I would greatly appreciate feedback or thoughts on the piece, which I’ve uploaded to fanfiction.net (home to fanfiction across all media).

Thanks for reading!

[Image credit: animalcrossing.wikia.com]

Written with StackEdit.


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