In light of my semester long research project studying the Gladiators fan community on Twitter, I would like to present or perhaps contribute something useful to those that have been keeping up with the work I’ve done thus far. One of the most talked about recent events in the Scandal fan community is the controversy surrounding the Scandal411 fan blogger. Although I did an extensive blog post about the issue when news first broke in late October, I have since created a wiki page titled “Scandal411 Fan Controversy” on the collaborative community Wikia, hosted under the Scandal Wikia page. This Scandal Wikia page is dynamic, with helpful edits to pages everyday and nearly 300 additional Wikia pages ranging from episode descriptions to character bios.

I encourage all Gladiators with more details or more information about the Scandal411 scandal (not opinions, just helpful updates only) to edit the page as you see fit!

(.gif created by Scandalgifs)

(.gif created by Scandalgifs)

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  1. Wiki pages have to be among the best gifts to offer to a fan community. Great gift of perspective and information.


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