Over the last few months, I’ve watched how the #DnD tag was used on Twitter, and how gamers used the platform. I’d like to give something back to the community.

So, here’s a dungeon I drew up. Feel free to take it, populate it, key it up, and share with your friends and your local gaming groups. I threw a little bit of description down there, as well, and a Random Encounter Table. If you like it and want to see more, drop me a note on Twitter or leave me a comment here.

Enjoy the dungeon

The dungeon is an ancient series of tunnels and corridors, many no more than 7 or 8 feet high. The chambers and caves range up to ten feet high (with the exception of the ziggurat chamber, which is 20 feet high). Signs of entropy are everywhere. The flagstones lining the floor of the corridors are old, broken and loose. The mortar supporting many of the walls is cracked. There is a constant smell of mold; the environment is damp and clammy.

Many of the cavern walls have thin niches cut into them; they are stuffed with dry bones, many with rags covering them or broken tools and weapons resting among them (betraying their original purpose as guards or workmen of the catacombs).

Random Encounters:
For every thirty minutes the adventuring party is in the dungeon, roll 1D6. If the result is a 1, roll 1D10 and consult the following table:

D10 Roll Result
1-2 The stones above their heads come loose; the ceiling collapses on the party! Everyone make a Dexterity-related Saving Throw or take 1D6 damage.
3-4 A ghostly apparition of a long-dead warrior drifts through the wall in front of the party. They must make a Willpower-based Saving Throw or take -1 penalty to all rolls during the next encounter.
5-6 The bones collected into the various niches surrounding the party begin to animate, take skeletal form and surround the party! 1D8 skeletons attack the group.
7 A sickening miasma seems upwards from the cracks in the stone floor. Party members must make Constitution-based Saving Throws or lose 1D4 points of Strength for the next hour.
8 A scouting party of goblins is heard around a nearby corner. The party has one round to either hide, run, or prepare an ambush. The scout group contains 1D12 goblins.
9-10 Someone in the party triggered an ancient trap! One party member (determined randomly, or its the guy who took the last piece of pizza) must make a Dexterity-related Saving Throw or be hit by a dart that does 1D4 damage.

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