Diagram of Textual Ecology for "What Would Batman Buy' blog post

Diagram of Textual Ecology for “What Would Batman Buy’
blog post

Textual Ecologies Map 

During this semester in Writing for Electronic Communities I learned that the intricate web of information at our fingertips can be accessed and used in ways that connect a community as described by Michele Zappavigna in her Ambient Affiliation: A Linguistic Perspective on Twitter study or tear down an oppressive regime as described by Paolo Gerbaudo in Tweets and the Streets. In constructing a textual ecologies map for my article, What Would Batman Buy, I learned the real benefits of news aggregators such as  feedly and online cloud storage spaces such as dropbox. This article took me about two hours to complete from inception to publication – a much shorter time than it would have taken if I was using a simple Google search and Internet explorer bookmarking feature. Despite the increased functionality of new technology I do wonder if, as Henry Thoreau put it: “All out inventions are but an improved means to an unimproved end.”  Has my blog post just become another one in the millions of indistinguishable voices lost in the disordered searches of Google? I am amazed at the ease with which I produced this article, but wonder what it’s true significance is – if any. As Neil Postman writes in his speech, Informing Ourselves to Death, “… we solve nothing by cloaking ourselves in technological glory.” – Definitely something to think about as this class comes to a close.


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