Have you ever felt that you wake up from a good nights rest and you just don’t feel 100%? Or after not keeping track of what you are eating for a while you being to slow down? For a long while I was wondering what on earth I had been doing wrong. Each day I would go about my business to the best of my ability and would be exhausted half way through. I’m a good weight for my age, I have my regular check-ups at the docs office, I take my vitamins and I exercise regularly. What on EARTH am I missing?!

Don’t worry….

Obviously you don’t have to eat all of that in one day. It is, however, suggested that an average person have around four cups of vegetables a day. Especially since our vegetables aren’t carrying as many of the nutrients as they should, we need a lot! (see my post Why America Loves the Unhealthy) We should be consuming organic vegetables like it is our job. Really analyze your bag of Doritos next time you go chomping…what is natural or nutritious about it?

Let’s throw another bold example in the open. Take a guy who used to eat anything in front of him. Let’s call him Joe Cross. Joe heard about the benefits of juicing, and how juicing has an incredible amount of benefits for the human body. Well, he decides to try it out for 60 days straight. He only drinks juice-concoctions and eats peanuts. The funny result is that he winds up losing 100 pounds and even stopped needing medications that the doctor previously prescribed for him. If you don’t believe me just see for yourself.

This is NOT one of those “fake ads”…This is real.

I am not telling you to stop eating and begin only juicing. My goal is to show how important these nutrients are for our bodies and how we can’t ignore them and eat junk. I know that the McDouble is only a dollar! But your body doesn’t even read it as food! Insert junk = Body ready for hibernation. Your body immediately turns these fake burgers and fake potatoes and churns them into sugars and fats that sit and don’t fill. Try a glass of blended vegetables with your dinner perhaps. Feel the change and your body say THANK YOU.

It’s true. Juicing isn’t for everyone. But here are some points that correct many people basic mistakes.

The real fruit ninja.


1. DON’T BUY A JUICER! Skip that step and look into a NINJA! Around $100 and boom, you have a blender and a juicer. Problem solved. No waste and it even saves cleaning time.


2. Don’t buy a million things! Basic fruits and vegetables are not a huge expense. Look into throwing a few in your cart next time you go shopping.



3. Look at the benefits! Especially if you are stuck on a prescription pill. The Nutrition Source is an amazing website that explains the health benefits from heart disease to eyesight. While WebMD falls short on the full answer, they do explain that you should eat fruits and vegetables on TOP of juicing. How dried up IS your body?

I believe that the human body has a natural way of healing itself. Why wouldn’t it? How many microscopic wars are fought inside and outside of our bodies everyday? If we boost our system then perhaps we will wind up on TOP of a few of these major battles! When it boils down to it, there isn’t much to lose. Would you rather pay $50 extra a month for fruits and veggies OR wind up paying a $10,000 hospital bill when part of your system fails you due to lack of nutrition. Your body is a blessing, treat it like one.


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  1. Food is a big subject for my wife and me. I’m solidly in the “joie de vivre category, in which I associate emotions and events with a menu. My wife has a practical approach, in which she first looks at the value of the food to her life, and considers taste tertiary. The best thing we did for our health was when we started a garden together. It satisfied both of our needs, my emotional connection and her practical connection.

    • I think starting a garden together is such an awesome thing. I love hearing how it connected the both of you. In reality, we can’t even see the benefits that are working INSIDE of us, so having that for your very own and being able to constantly nourish the body with what you’ve made is such an awesome thing. I can’t wait to have one of my own!

  2. Juicing….for a minute I thought this was going to be about steroids! But man, it i really interesting to see how much this reads as an infomercial. I don’t mean that in a bad way. Rather, I mean how conditioned big business has us to regard any deviance from the norm as a snake-oil sale. I mean, all you’re doing is saying look, there are different ways to eat, and my gut reaction is to shout scam! Again, not that you’re trying to scam. Just interesting.

    • It’s a shame because any time we hear about juicing… it is through an informercial. AND they are trying to sell the most costly machine with the most pieces. In reality, I hoped that people could get the idea that it is much easier than all of the $$. I get what you’re saying entirely though. I do sound preachy through it but the goal is that eyes open a bit.

  3. Perhaps even more so than technology, news and research on food reminds me of Neil Postman’s “Informing Ourselves to Death.” Because we have the Internet, we rely on the results of studies we read on news sites or blogs of professionals (dieticians, nutritionists, personal trainers) to learn what we should be putting in our bodies. But, just as Postman predicted, we could hear two opposing viewpoints on a topic and find both equally credible, still unsure who to believe. We have one place saying artificial sweeteners are safe for consumption and another saying they’re more dangerous than we ever imagined . Think about how much coffee Americans consume in one day; we’re still not sure if it’s good for us or slowly killing us . Thanks for shedding some light on this topic. It’s hard to figure out who to trust online!


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