In this week’s podcast we talk to Megan Gotch, adorable writer of Nerdy Girlie, a blog that focuses on all things “nerdy and girlie”. She is an avid convention goer and fan girl who talks about her experiences with cosplay and participating on panels that discussed topics relating on stereotypes and sexism.

In the podacast we discuss the perception of women in fan culture, squee girls, and the expectation put upon female cosplayers.

If you would like to learn more about Megan Gotch, be sure to check out her blog over at Nerdy Girlie and connect with her on twitter @thenerdygirlie

With the growing acceptance of women in many fan communities,these issues are fodder for a lot of public commentary. For example, Are Women Comic Books as Rare of Unicorns and When Will the Perception of Women in Comics Catch up to Reality.

If you are interested in other blogs that focus on women in fandom be sure to check out Mary Sue and When Fan Girls Attack

Thanks for listening and remember – capes are not just for the boys!

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Join the conversation! 3 Comments

  1. Female fans are expected to provide credentials/fan capital to prove themselves. Cosplay girls get the worst of this. They “chose” to wear certain costumes, so goes one negative line of thinking, so they have to assume some responsibility to hostile/inappropriate conversation. This of course, refuses to account for female costumes designed by men, for male satisfaction. Love the podcats!

  2. Great podcast. Loved the perspective.

    I really “got it” when she said that women are relatively new to fandom, and therefore get looked upon with some caution. I never thought of it that way.

    • Agreed. I liked the idea of “caution” like women were sent as some kind of spies setting up a bloody takeover of the fanboy universe. But I can see how men would not like or appreciate how women changed the text though – especially if it is a male storyline driven text. In our Shaffer reading he said that editing a text is our way at commenting or reviewing it. Enough women write fanfiction/comics then there will be a change in the popular market for sure.


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