When I was younger, I couldn’t figure out exactly what it took to show full support and be a fan. I would enjoy watching a certain actor in popular films or really love listening to a certain famous music group, but my fandom never really reached farther than buying the movies or albums. Once you own the media, I felt as though it stopped there.

I started to catch on to other ways to really show your passion for something. Once I really could say the phrase “I love every movie Arnold Schwarzenegger has done” as well as “I’m very interested in body building.” the two only made sense together.


What went deeper than simply enjoying the news behind Arnold and his claim to fame as Mr. Olympia seven times in a row, was searching Ms. Olympia. It was easy to spark an interest in what was happening in the men’s bodybuilding world, but what was going on in the women’s world? The very first time I looked at Arnold in a competition I was fascinated, yet the first time I looked at Iris Kyle I was frightened. So I asked myself, shouldn’t women be shown the same appreciation for what they strive to achieve?

The reward for Mr. Olympia is $675,000. Almost makes me want to start taking something scary to make me get big now! The crazier part is how the reward for Ms. Olympia is only $60,000. When I first read the price difference, I thought perhaps it is because men are bigger and therefore have to work much harder to shape and tone their bodies. Maybe the reason is because Mr. Olympia is what was created first and therefore it keeps the number one title and price.

This still takes a great amount of work.

While the answer may not be very clear, many wind up outraged about the subject. Not everyone enjoys watching musclebound people walk on a stage and bulge out of their skin. Most people don’t even want to go to the gym more than twice a week. The more important part is that here are people who devote their lives to what they are passionate about. While a man may devote his time and get such a high payment for winning, these women deserve a higher goal to shoot for.


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  1. I really agree with your opening statement– I oftentimes wonder if I can consider myself a ‘fan’ of anything–movies, books, television shows, celebrities,etc. It’s kind of like “I bought the album, so now what?” or “I watch the entire series, is that enough?” Should there be a certain amount of times that you have to play the album/read a book/watch a television show (all the while to feel a connection) to be considered a ‘super’-fan or ‘elite’-fan, where does ‘fandom’ begin..I think you just tracking Arnold’s career, where he was to where he is now, says a lot about your Arnold ‘fandom.’ Have you been influenced by Arnold’s recent transformation that you decided to try this product, or did you discover this product through your own advances and discovered Arnold was a spokesperson? Interesting stuff here!

  2. Do attitudes about fan icons change when you see them endorsing a product? Does it make them seem cheaper? Or does it elevate the product?

    • Your question really helped shape how I see product endorsement. Is the product not good enough on its own that it needs an actor to represent it? Personally I feel as though in this case, taking an icon who already represents the bodybuilding world and slapping their face on bodybuilding products is a win win. There are many cases where we do see a certain product being showcased by a certain actor and either the product is weak on its own or the actor is weak on their own. In those cases they wind up attempting to lift each other up.

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