Hello, Internet! I’m incredibly happy to bring you the first edition of the Rummage This podcast, where I talk with games writer Maddy Myers about everything from commenting culture to feminism in games.

Maddy is a writer for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology alumni blog Slice of MIT and a games reviewer for Paste Magazine. You can also read her blog at Metroidpolitan, play games submitted to her online game jam at her Tower Jam Tumblr page and follow her on Twitter @samusclone.

We reference some games and people you may not be familiar with, so I’ve provided some links below the SoundCloud player for context.

Update: Here’s the article Maddy mentioned at the beginning of the show, Samus Works Alone.

Thanks for listening!


Metroid gameplay
Super Metroid gameplay
Metroid Prime gameplay
IGN’s Fat Princess video review
Polygon’s Dragon’s Crown video review
Lightning’s increase in cup size for Final Fantasy XIII-3
The game engine Twine


Kotaku writer Kirk Hamilton
Games critic Leigh Alexander
Carolyn Petit and her Grand Theft Auto V review
Jenn Frank and her project The Boob Jam
Comics artist Elizabeth Simins
Anita Sarkeesian and her Damsel in Distress video series
Jim Sterling, known for his Jimquisition series
Games writer Samantha Allen

image source: Giant Bomb

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  1. Wow, Wayne, this is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations! I hope to hear more!


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