October 3, 2013

The Forever Batman Drama

With at least six actors having already made their mark as Batman in hit films, what possibly could spark up more hype about this DC Comics character? …. Oh. Ben Affleck.

I am a fan of the Batman movies. Watched everything from the original Adam West adaptation to the cartoon where Mark Hamill was the voice of the Joker. I even enjoyed watching “The Dark Knight Returns: Part 1 and 2”–the animated movies made off of the graphic novel by Frank Miller. I have never had a huge issue with any of the choices for who they chose to be Batman…maybe I’m just not addicted enough.

Either way, this situation escalated when Ben Affleck stepped up to take on the role. This is one area where, it isn’t too difficult to see the fandom in people rise up. After the initial uproar against the actor, this video well represents how he carries himself today.


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  1. These knee-jerk reactions baffle me. People forget Michael Keaton was Mr. Mom before he was Batman, and fans still appreciate his take on the character and the film itself today. I’m also reminded of some pubic backlash at DC over a gay Green Lantern and the heat Marvel took for replacing Peter Parker with a black Spider-Man. If fans want the comics or films in the fashion they’re used to, they can go back and watch the movies and read the comics they fell in love with. They don’t disappear now that a new iteration comes along. Fervor like this just demonstrates how territorial fans are over the intellectual property they consume.


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