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Neither do we.

News of Facebook’s decline doesn’t really register on our radar these days, but from my standpoint, I’ve been eager to learn the reasons why the social networking service seems to be turning off teens, young adults and many others. Perhaps it’s the feeling of personal inadequacy once we finish looking through our timelines or checking out what our friends have been up to since graduation, maybe we don’t like Facebook because it’s distorting our working memory, or simply put, users are just turning to other, newer forms of social media. Anyone taking bets on how long Snapchat will last?

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  1. I get the feeling that kids don’t have the time anymore for facebook – too many words, and ads, and pictures to sort through to see the few things you really want to see. I think there is this switch to video and images over heavy text for communication – think vine and instagram inserting the video feature.


  2. That’s a really great point. I think it goes along with the ‘been there, done that’ sort of mentality. If it’s not the latest social network/technology/website [you can fit anything into this sentence], they’re over it. Short attention spans. I think for the informed/active users, there’s a negative connotation that has been following FB for quite some time with the privacy issue, as well.

    I’m hearing a lot about Vine recently, but I had no idea what it was until I saw somebody link it to a tweet in regards to a concert I was attending. I should check it out a little bit more, before something else comes along!

  3. There’s been a debate with my historical reenactment group about using social media, and Facebook in particular (and yes, I get the irony in that). As the organization hopes to distribute more news and information digitally, there’s been resistance from organization members against using Facebook as a venue. For some people, its just superficial snobbery (Facebook is too common, or they associate it with the masses). For others, its because they don’t trust Facebook with their data.

    In response, many people take Facebook posts and distribute them across their local mailing lists or personally-associated electronic communities. Facebook encourages, in that manner, a return to grass-roots information distribution 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t attribute it to short attention spans per say; The sheer proliferation of sharing technologies just requires us to adopt the newest and best sites/programs through shorter intervals. Facebook took down MySpace and and was king of the hill for at least a good five years (’07-’12, when they went public), spawning a feature length Hollywood motion picture, even!

    Since we’re talking about Vine, I think it serves as a good demonstration of my point. Vine was released January of this year, and just *five months* later, people were declaring it dead once Instagram announced the launch of their video uploading and editing service ( http://gizmodo.com/instagrams-video-editing-features-will-come-with-a-vide-519342563 ).

    • You know, I don’t even want to say they have short attention spans – you wouldn’t believe how much attention they spend on things – just not presented to them in the traditional way. I think that is the point here – the presentation of the material must change


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