September 22, 2013

Breaking Bad fan-made comics

Breaking Bad Fan-Made Comics

Though Breaking Bad is a serious TV drama, the Internet has found a way to take the events and quotes from the show and put a comedic spin on them. These crudely-drawn four-panel comics can be found on sites like Reddit and Tumblr, and, to fans of the show like me, are quite hilarious.

Breaking Bad Ratatouille comic
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You can make your own at

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  1. So this is awesome, and the best part is that it is something that is fun for fans of all levels. For example, I did not start watching Breaking Bad right away, so I am still trying to catch up in the series and I wouldn’t call myself a super fan, but I can play around with this comic maker and have just as much fun as people that have been dedicated from the start. Although I had to be careful to not find spoilers on Tumblr. Thanks for the link, it’s a fun tool.

  2. I love when fans of certain TV series (reality/scripted, whatever) are able to make something like this, a touch of creative humor before, during or after shows. I think this just adds to the fandom, the need and the feel to be a part of whatever it is they watch. I’m a fan of parody videos of shows like “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” and “Big Brother,” where bloggers or fans will reenact much-talked about scenes. It creates buzz and excitement and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  3. I love seeing what other people do to show their appreciation. And not just the meme itself, but making a meme generator to be able to personalize and distribute the work…best that geek culture has to offer. I’m sure that it wouldn’t be hard to find bunches of these all over reddit.

    Wait…yup, turns out I’m late to the party. Buzzfeed, via reddit:

    Fan-made memes, pictures, t-shirts, and stickers, all through places like, is nothing really new. Die-hard fans used to make their own buttons with pictures or sayings from TV shows & movies, paint images on their jackets (I remember my Iron Maiden denim jacket from middle-school fondly), or even make their own t-shirts (for the kids lucky enough to have a silk-screening shop in their school). They were distributed among local clubs or, by some entrepreneurs, fan conventions. Having something personalized like that was almost like a hidden symbol; something obscure to point out to other fans. Digital technology just makes it easier (and the quality is far better).

  4. Here are a couple of good parodies from some of the shows I watch, here’s a few from the controversial Big Brother this year (this one series is actually created by a former Big Brother contestant.)

    It’s tough to watch parodies if you’re not some type of fan with the related show. But if you get it, it’s worth watching and again, continues some type of general interest w/ the public weeks after the show is off the air or to generate buzz, etc.


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